Let me take your piccy?
Vikki x
Victoria McReast

Photo courtesy of Lu_Ka Photography


Firstly I'd like to say thankyou for visiting my website.

Now, whether you came across it intentionally or you just stumbled across it, it doesn't matter.

To me, all that matters is you're here!

Secondly I think it would be a good idea to actually mention that my name is Vikki and not Louise, although I don't mind you calling me Louise.


So a bit about me.....


I'm 38 and a married mother of 4 who have kept me busy for the last 20 years. I don't take life too seriously as each day is a blessing, so we have to have fun and make memories while we can. 


I've always had a passion for photography since getting my first camera at the age of 9 and its been the one constant thing I've enjoyed for nearly 30 years.       

Currently I am studying on a photography degree, which I am in the middle of my second year and I have loved every minute of it so far.