What a cold way to end the year!

It was about 2pm on New Years Eve 2020 I decided that because the sky was full of beautiful setting colours I wanted to venture to the woods to get some photographs. I grabbed my camera, told my 16 year old daughter she was accompanying me to get some fresh air, seeing as she hadn't left the house for days and off we went.

I had just had my car cleaned about 4 hours previous but then I decide to trudge through the sludgy trail to park my car. Yeah I didn't think that one out properly!

However It was worth it because I got some photos of a wood that's usually brimming with dogwalkers, or families taking their children out to experience nature in all its splendour.

We only walked halfway to the end of this trail because I yet again, in my hurried exit from the house and not thinking, didn't put my wellies on.

To be honest I'm surprised I even remembered my camera!

As a photographer, one thing I can tell you is you always go out with a thought of what you would like to capture. You plan (or as I do talk out loud to myself) the settings you'll need or the angle you want to take the photo from but then many times you are disappointed because you don't get the shot you wanted.

This was me on this day. the sun is nowhere to be seen and the picture I wanted to take, I didn't get.

BUT....... I got so many great photos that I didn't plan so I see it as a sucessfull shoot.

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