What a way to start the day?

Its a Saturday morning, middle of winter and I am NOT a morning person!

Having to wake up when its still dark, just to go out and get photos, I am really starting to doubt my choices.

The conversation in my head goes something like this.....

Me: Oh its time to get up.

Cranky me with no coffee: I don't want to get up, I want to go back to sleep.

Me: No get up, it'll be worth it.

Cranky me with still no coffee: I want to sleeeeeeeeep.

Me: Drag your butt up, and stop being lazy.

Cranky me and still no coffee: Okay, Okay. Can I get a coffee first please?

Me: Ok, DEAL!

I have 4 children. My eldest is 20 this year and my youngest is 2 next week!

So this is the best represent of me right now.


I am lucky to live not far from the coast so I park up and grab all my gear then head off.

I wont lie, it was cold and I mean freezing but that didn't put couples out walking or runners off from the stunning sunrise.

My favourite photos to capture are the sparkling frost in the warm tones of the sun. I love any thing that sparkles or shines (I do get called magpie a lot).

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